About us

The Center for Firms in the Global Economy (CeFiG) is a research center analyzing firm behavior in a globalized economy, with a special attention to companies in Europe as well as developing countries. The center produces academic research papers and takes part in international business or public policy oriented projects.

CeFiG focuses on issues such as internationalization and trading activity of firms, employment, location choice and geography, and the organization of firms. It has a particular interest both in the activities of multinationals firms as well as entrepreneurship and start-ups.

The center puts an emphasis on using micro-level data, such as firm or establishment level datasets, customs data on trading activities, or employment data. Micro-level data allows studying the foundations of and the very working of globalization, such as investment decisions and cross-border activities of firms or domestic employment consequences of outsourcing and offshoring. Innovation, as a core competence of leaders in a global economy, is also studied.

CeFiG is established by five researchers affiliated with the Central European University, the University of California at Berkley and the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The center is open to new members.

Call for postdoc / junior researcher

We are looking for a full time and postdoc/junior researcher interested in empirical research in international trade as well as industrial organizations.

Application deadline: 15 February 2014


CEFIG Working Papers have been published in the American Economic Review, International Economic Review, Journal of International Economics, International Economic Review, Canadian Journal of Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Economic Systems and more.